Want Suspension For Operator Comfort & One-Year Warranty?

Mini Skid Steer Loader 30Hp Tracked


Mini Skid Steer Loader 30Hp Tracked – Yanmar Diesel Engine ML30T (Tracked)


  • Engine Size and Make – 30 hp Yanmar
  • Track or Wheels – Tracks
  • Operating Capacity (35%)  – 224kg
  • Operating Capacity  (50%) – 320kg
  • Machine Width – 1050mm
  • Ground Clearance – 140mm
  • Hydraulic Pressure/Flow – 3045 psi/ 54 L/min
  • Height to Bucket Hinge Pin – 1879mm
  • Tipping Capacity – 640kg
  • Weight of Machine (no attachment) – 1140kg
  • Travel Speed – 5.6 km/h

Standard Inclusions: 

  • Gauges and Warning Lights
  • LED Lights
  • Operators Manual
  • Key Locks on Access Panels and Fuel Caps
  • Reverse Stop Panel
  • Operator Platform Suspension
  • Standard Attachment Mounting Plate
  • Quick Coupler Fittings (flat faced)
  • Lift Arm Support
  • Lift Hook Locations
  • Tie Down Locations
  • Liquid Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Spark Arrester Muffler
  • Donaldson 2 stage air cleaner with pre-cleaner
  • Elevated Drive Sprocket
  • Rubber Tracks
  • 2 Auxiliary Hydraulic Outputs
  • Hose protection Kevlar sleaving
  • Lift Arm Float Control
  • Hydrostatic Drive Train System
  • Flow Control Valve (Trenching Valve)
  • Pump Selector Valve
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • Diagnostic Test Fittings
  • Neutral Start Interlock


Some of the benefits clients love about Mini Machines Direct are…

12 Month Warranty

TASKMASTER warrants to the original purchaser that each new TASKMASTER ML will be free from proven defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. And one (1) year for all TASKMASTER ML attachments.

Subject to the limitation and exclusions herein, replacement parts found upon examination by a TASKMASTER authorised service representative to be defective. Such repair or replacement will be inclusive for one (1) year for parts, following use of the serial-numbered TASKMASTER equipment. The customer is responsible for transporting their equipment to an authorised TASKMASTER service agent for all warranty work.

Product Registration

The Purchaser is to fill out and return the warranty registration form within 30 days of purchase to validate the warranty. Failure to do so within this time frame will leave your machine invalid of warranty.

Purchasers Responsibilities

The purchaser must ensure maintenance and minor adjustments, as detailed in the owner’s and engine manufacturer’s manual is carried out as per the schedule. If there is a discrepancy between the two, the Service Chart in the Operator’s Manual will take precedence. The purchaser must notify MMD or an authorized service representative of the need for warranty repair. The customer is responsible for transporting their equipment to an authorised TASKMASTER service agent for all warranty work.


All warranty repairs will and must be carried out by an authorized TASKMASTER service agent. 

Custom Options

  • Call us and we can discuss your needs
  • Tier 4 emission rated engine
  • Ask about our range of attachments and work tools


  • Better manoeuvrability in confined spaces due to zero-turn-capacity
  • Only 1050mm wide – made to fit through narrow gates and small work sites
  • The ‘Elevated Drive Sprocket’ (as seen on most caterpillar dozers) keeps the drive mechanism further out of the dirt reducing wear. It also allows the drive system to concentrate on rotational forces without having to support the weight of the machine. Other benefits are that ground clearance is increased due to the motor been mounted higher in the chassis, it also gives much smoother ride for the operator
  • Tracks provide a light foot print and better floatation in sandy or wet ground conditions
  • Improved traction with self-laying tracks
  • Increased lifting capacity, and better stability
  • Engine has 2-year warranty
  • The 30 Hp, 3-cylinder, water cooled engine has a Donaldson 2 stage Air Cleaner equipped with a Pre-Cleaner
  • Systems are kept cool with a large alloy radiator which also incorporates a hydraulic oil cooler
  • 2x 35L Fuel Tanks allow you to power through the day with minimal top ups
  • Pumping 55L/MIN at 3000 PSI these machines have incredible hydraulic power
  • Powerful 2-Pump hydraulic system for efficient separation of power to attachments, loader arms, and wheels
  • With 2 Auxiliary outputs, attachments requiring 2 functions can be operated with the duel axis control lever. A Detent can lock the lever on the on position
  • The ‘Taskmaster Mini Loader’ is designed with a Flow Control Valve (sometimes called a ‘trenching valve’), which enables travel flow to be kept constant to a certain setting. Excess flow is feed to the attachment. Effectively drive speed can be reduced to a slow walk and flow can be increased to the attachment
  • The lift arms have lower limit supports on the chassis so that the weight of the load can be supported on the chassis while traveling. This takes the weight off the hydraulics and increases stability
  • The lift arms are curved to facilitate a radial lift pattern. This feature allows attachments to lift ‘up’ and ‘out’ increasing clearance to the front of the machine. Handy when using large augers
  • Lift arms have heat treated pins and greaseable bronze bushes for longer life
  • Quick Couplers are flat faced type to illuminate dirt entry and leakage
  • The hinged/lockable front door allows easy access to all major components for inspection or maintenance
  • The Operating Platform provides good visibility and is enclosed in the machine framework for safety. Also, it has suspension for operator comfort.

When it comes to efficient and reliable mini skid steers, the Taskmaster range from Mini Machines Direct holds the solution for you.

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