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Landscaping, excavating, trenching, boring, rock breaking, slashing, concrete mixing, and a range of other tasks done with ease!

Taskmaster Machines are the Ultimate Tight Access Machines! They Fit In Almost Any Space and Can Tackle Any Job

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Traditional earth digging and drilling machinery are often just too large for some projects, which means you have to dig manually, and that is time intensive, costly and inefficient. Our Machines are affordable, can handle the toughest work and get in and out of tight spaces with ease. And the are easy to move about on a trailer!

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Some of the benefits clients love about Mini Machines Direct are…


Our machines are genuinely a jack-of-all-trades on any job site. From Augers, Standard bucket, 4 in 1 Bucket, Pallet Forks and more. Mini Machines Direct can supply A Range Attachments and Trailers. All you can think of to handle a variety of different tasks with ease. Mini Machines Direct is an authorised dealer for AUGER TORQUE and DIGGA Attachments.  Which means we have got you covered.

Whether you’re a Builder, Plumber, Landscaper, or want to set up a Dry Hire Business, or one of the many other occupations you’re sure to be able to utilise the power of our Taskmaster range.

Premium Customer Service

Nothing is too much trouble for us at Mini Machines Direct. We will work with you to provide a direct solution to your needs. Our skid steers are built to last for years and designed to be easy to service and maintain.

Quality Mini Skid Steers

Our mini skid steer loaders are thoroughly tried and tested, and have been used by our customers and ourselves extensively. You can be sure that our easy to operate machinery will suit all of your needs. We stand behind our two-year engine warranty, and all of our products are compliant with International Standards ISO 9001.

Easy to transport

Our mini skid steer loaders fit onto the back of any standard sized trailer or a plant trailer can be arranged and packaged to suit your needs. It’s just a simple process of loading and unloading them.

Easy to use and operate

If you’ve never operated Earth Moving Equipment, learning to operate one isn’t difficult. The simple and intuitive controls mean that almost anyone can use a piece of equipment and start putting it to work immediately.

Professional Industry Knowledge

We have many years of experience over a variety of roles and industries directly relating to the servicing and maintenance of earthmoving and mining machinery. When you deal with us, you know that you are dealing with a team of professionals who understand the products like the backs of their hands and will work extensively with you to get you exactly what you need. We can give recommendations based on product types, order sizes and everything in between that you might want a helping hand with

Manouverable and perfect for small spaces

Our Machines are designed to go where other larger machines can’t. With outstanding maneuverability in confined spaces due to their zero-turn-capacity, they’re perfect for levelling, digging, and other tasks and projects in tight areas.

Confined areas and narrow gates are becoming more and more common in heavy duty working environments restricting the amount of room available. Our Taskmaster range can get in and do work that under common conditions would rely on costly manual labour.

Return on investment

Labour costs can be set aside for an efficient machine, easy to maintain and with long lasting service, which means you’ll be turning a profit with your new Taskmaster skid steer loader in no time. Speaking of time, the amount you’ll save by sending in the mini skid steer to do the job in a precise, efficient manner is also going to help you to maximise returns in the long run.

Economical Pricing

You will find our products to be excellent value for money, that the service is outstanding. Contact us for a quote today!

When it comes to Efficient and Reliable Earth Moving Machines, the Taskmaster range from Mini Machines Direct holds the solution for you.

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