Seven Benefits Of Mini Machines Direct

At Mini Machines Direct, we have a wealth of personal experience in providing businesses with top quality mini skid steers from our Taskmaster range. We are friendly professionals who stand behind the products that we sell. And while there are many reasons for you to choose us for your skid steer needs, here are just seven of them.


Easy to Service

Our range of Taskmaster mini skid steers are designed to be easy to maintain and upkeep. While an inherent advantage of any mini skid steer is that all major components are centralised within the machinery, our Taskmaster range provides a hinged, lockable door that grants access to all serviceable parts for inspection and service. This accessibility makes the day-to-day servicing easy and ensures a longer lifespan for your skid steer.


Ground Clearance

When looking at any skid steer loader, consideration should be given to the amount of ground clearance underneath the machine. Taskmaster machines have an increased ground clearance due to the hydraulic motor being mounted higher in the chassis and 23″ tires. Not only does this serve to protect the motor, but it also gives a much smoother ride for the operator.


Standard Inclusions

Our Machines comes standard with trenching valve, 2-speed pump selector valve, lift arm float valve, as well as two auxiliary outputs. Where other brands may change additional fees for such options, the Taskmaster range includes all of these as standard.


Tracked or Wheeled

Our Dirt Worker line of Taskmaster machines is available in both tracked and wheeled options. Self-laying tracks also known as crawler drive systems provide better traction and less ground pressure, meaning they will grip without indenting on softer earth. Our wheeled skid steers come with 23-inch tires for higher ground clearance, allowing the loader to clear obstacles without bottoming out and becoming stuck. Wheeled models can manoeuver in tight spaces due to the shorter wheelbase.

For more information on tracked and wheeled systems please, see our FAQs.


High Quality Design

Diesel engines will get your further in the long run. Generally, they have more torque and will not lug down and stall as much as a petrol engine would. They are better suited to drive aux components such as alternators and compressors. Flow control design allows travel flow to be kept constant to a particular setting. Effectively, this means that drive speed can be reduced and flow increased to the current attachment.

Our machine use steel tubes in place of hydraulic hoses, which reduces downtime from blown hoses. All of these design choices come together for a desirable experience that will maximise productivity and workflow, which will inevitably lead to higher cash flow for your business.


System Cooling

The diesel engine included in all Taskmaster products is water-cooled and is equipped with a Donaldson 2-stage air cleaner, and comes equipped with a pre-cleaner. Systems are kept cool with a large alloy radiator while incorporating a hydraulic oil cooler.

When it comes to efficient and reliable mini skid steers, the Taskmaster range from Mini Machines Direct holds the solution for you.

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