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Yes, we deliver anywhere in Australia.

All our products are made to International Standards ISO 9001 and are sampled and tested for quality in each production run.

We have Tracked and Wheeled Mini Skid Steer Loaders, from 935kg to 1590kg. Excavators from 1 ton to 2 ton. Skids Steers to 5 ton

All products come with a 2-year warranty on our engines. Please see website for full details.

While they do cost more than a petrol engine, a diesel engine should have a longer life. The biggest killer of engines is contamination from a blocked or leaking air cleaner, or foreign particles in the oil. With all engines, regular servicing is a must particularly in harsh conditions. It’s probably fair to say diesel is a safer fuel than petrol simply due to the fact petrol is way more volatile in terms of explosion and fumes created. It is for this reason that large construction and mine sites have restrictions on use of petrol. Diesel engines generally have more torque and will not lug down and stall as easily a petrol engine. Therefore, they are well suited to driving auxiliary components like alternators, compressors, and hydraulic pumps.Smaller petrol engines are often air-cooled and therefore do not have a radiator. Instead, most rely on cooling fans on the engine. If you want to add a hydraulic oil cooler, a separate fan is generally needed.

Diesel engines used in Taskmaster Mini Loaders have a water-cooled engine and water-cooled hydraulic oil for the best efficiency.

At the end of the day both will do the job but, in our opinion, diesel has clear advantages over petrol engines.

Machines that use a belt to provide power transmission from the engine to the hydraulic pump require ongoing adjustment and maintenance. They must be checked periodically for correct tension and alignment. Some may advertise this as a safety feature protecting the hydraulics from pressure spikes, but a properly designed hydraulic system will have enough relief valves for protection.

The belt must be property guarded to prevent foreign objects (e.g.: fingers, rocks) coming in contact with the belts and pulleys. A direct drive coupler is all in cased within the flywheel housing. Taskmaster mini skid steer loaders have matched engine and pump configurations, so a direct drive coupler is used.

The TASKMASTER Mini Loader has a universal attachment mounting plate. The same as other big brand manufactures. If you need Attachments please get in contact for a quote.

Self-laying Tracks or Crawler Drive systems have been around for years. The main advantages are: Better traction and less ground pressure due to more contact with the ground. They have a lighter footprint, therefore won’t leave as much indent on soft ground. The tracked machines will also be more stable than models with pneumatic tires, which give a small amount of suspension and have a shorter wheelbase. The ML30T, TM30T, and ML50T have taken this a step further, introducing an ‘Elevated Drive Sprocket’ (as seen on most caterpillar dozers). This keeps the drive mechanism further out of the dirt, reducing wear. It also allows the drive system to concentrate on rotational forces without having to support the weight of the machine. The weight of the machine is being supported with the load carrying idlers and rollers.Other benefits are that ground clearance is increased due to the motor being mounted higher in the chassis. Then operator will be happy as it also has a much smoother ride for the operator due to the fact the drive sprocket is not in contact with the ground.The disadvantages of track drives are that they can tear up the ground more when turning sharply if the ground is soft. Track wear will be greatly reduced on hard sealed road surfaces.

The wheeled models have the advantages of easier manoeuvrability in tight spaces due to the shorter wheelbase. And are usually faster travel speed.

The Track Adjusters on these machines use grease pressure to extend the Front Idler outwards. This is the same system as large mining Bull Dozers and Excavators. To remove or replace a Drive Track simply unscrew the release valve and grease will bleed out of the Adjuster and the track will loosen. To tighten the Track screw in the bleed valve and using a regular grease gun connect the hose to the grease nipple on the Track Frame. Pump in grease until the desired tension is reached. Also these machines have a Recoil Spring attached to the front Idler to absorb any shock loaders. Large machines also have the Recoil Spring. This system is much better than other ways of adjusting the Track tension. For example machines that use a Bolt and thread to wind the track tension up can often seize due to mud, sand, and rust etc.

When it comes to Efficient and Reliable Earth Moving Machines, the Taskmaster range from Mini Machines Direct holds the solution for you.

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