TASKMASTER Equipment Warranty Policy


24 Month Warranty / 1000 hour warranty (whichever comes first)

Mini Machines Direct (MMD) Warrants to the original purchaser and that each new TASKMASTER product will be free from proven defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months year from the date of purchase. And 24 months for all TASKMASTER Attachments. Other Brands will be covered by the relevant Warranty Statement.

Subject to the limitation and exclusions herein, replacement parts found upon examination by a Mini Machines Direct or a TASKMASTER Authorized Service Representative to be defective, will be repaired or replaced. Such repair or replacement will be inclusive for 24 months for parts for serial-numbered TASKMASTER equipment.

Purchaser’s Responsibilities

The purchaser must ensure maintenance and minor adjustments, as detailed in the Owner’s and Engine Manufacturer’s Manual are carried out as per the schedule. If there is a discrepancy in Engine related items, the specific Engine Manufacturer’s Manual will take precedence. The purchaser must notify Mini Machines Direct or an Authorized Service Representative of the need for Warranty repair prior to any repair work been arranged. The suspect issue must be determined by an inspection within thirty (30) days from the date of the issue occurring by Mini Machines Direct or its Authorized Service Centre. TASKMASTER will provide the location of its inspection facilities or its nearest Authorized Service Centre upon inquiry. TASKMASTER reserves the right to supply re manufactured replacements parts under this Warranty as it deems appropriate.

The customer is responsible for transporting their equipment to an Authorized TASKMASTER Service Agent for all Warranty work.

Product Registration:

The Purchaser is to fill out and return the Warranty registration form within 30 days of purchase to validate the Warranty.
Failure to do so within this time frame may leave your Machine invalid of Warranty.


All Warranty repairs will and must be carried out by an Authorized TASKMASTER Service Agent.

Exclusions from Product Warranty

• All incidental or consequential damages.
• Maintenance and wear items such as, service filters, spark plugs, oils, cutting edges and bucket teeth, tires and tracks, belts and chains.
• All defects, damages, or injuries caused by misuse, abuse, improper installation, alteration, neglect, or uses other than those for which products were intended.
• All defects, damages, or injuries caused by improper training, operation, or servicing of products in a manner inconsistent with manufacturer’s recommendations.
• All Engines and Engine Accessories, these are covered by specific original manufacturer’s Warranty. Conditions apply as per individual Warranty schedules.
• Tires, belts, and other parts which may be subject to another manufacturer’s Warranty.
• All implied Warrants not expressly stated herein, including and Warrant of fitness for a particular purpose and merchant ability.

Limitations of Remedy and Damages

This Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective part. The seller (MMD) shall not be held liable for incidental, special, or consequential damages, including loss of profits.

Commercial Use

If the product is purchased for commercial purposes, as defined by the uniform Commercial Code, then there are no Warranties which extend beyond the face herein. And there are no implied Warranties of any kind which extend to a commercial buyer. All other provisions of this limited Warranty apply including the duties imposed.


TASKMASTER products have been tested to deliver acceptable performance in most conditions. This does not imply they will deliver acceptable performance in all conditions. Therefore, to assure suitability, products should be operated under anticipated working conditions prior to purchase.

For information regarding this limited warranty, contact Mini Machines Direct (MMD) Product Support Department,
office@minimachinesdirect.com.au or phone: 1300 449 844

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